How To Get

Bitcoin Account On Blockchain For Free

 This Instruction is for those using Laptop or Desktop as well as those going directly to Blockchain Website to create the Account. Steps for those using Blockchain App is different.


Go To


Click On :

Sign Up Or Get a Free Account.


Fill The Form That Will Be Shown To You With : 



Your Email ( For The Account )


Password ( For The Account )


Click Terms Of Service Box


Click ” Create My Wallet “ button next.



Go To Your Email To Verify / Activate Your New Bitcoin Account Registration.

You Are To Click On The Activation Link That Will Be Sent To Your Email.


You Will See In Your Email Something Like :


Your Wallet ID:



The Wallet ID Is Your Username. It Is Your Login Username. You Must Use It to Login Together With The Password You Use During Registration.


You Will Also See The Wallet ID On Blockchain By : 


Logging In to Blockchain


And Then


Click on Settings


Click ” General “


You will see Your Wallet ID. It is your logging ID / Username. It is not the Wallet Address to receive payments. Copy it down and store it somewhere safe. You need to use it every time you want to log in to Blockchain.


To Get Wallet / Payment Address :


Click on Settings


Click on Wallets & Addresses


You will see the word ” My Bitcoin Wallet “




Click on ” Manage “


On New Page Shown to You – Click on ” Add Next Address “


A new address will be generated for you. This is your Bitcoin Address. It is your Bitcoin Account which you will give to people that wants to send bitcoin to you. It is your Bitcoin Account Number.



To send Bitcoin


Click on ” Send “ Button


You will see the Send Form



Enter ” Bitcoin Address “ You are sending bitcoin to


Enter Amount.


There are two spaces for amount. One is for Dollar and the second one is for Bitcoin.

Enter amount in Dollar in the space for Dollar and the amount in Bitcoin will be automatically generated and shown to you.

Enter Description ( this is not necessary because only you will see it. It is to remind you what the transaction is about )


You will see the word ” Network Fee “

This is the fee for the transaction. You can choose Regular fee or Priority.


Regular mean normal fee – This fee will get the transaction done as normal. It will take normal time to be concluded.


Priority mean Fast – This fee will get the transaction concluded fast. The receiver will receive the money fast at most within One Hour.


You  will see the amount for the fee you choose.

 Click ” Continue ” Button

You will be shown the Transaction Details for you to confirm as correct and then send the bitcoin.


 After this is done,

                  Wait for the receiver to confirm the payment.