CashApp And Credit Card Payments

 There is opportunity to use Credit Card and CashApp to get Your Preferred Membership Level approved on BlessedAdsIncome.

           You will need CashApp to use Credit Card for the Payment.

CashApp is a peer-to-peer payment app that allows individuals to send and receive money from friends and family.


How To Use Credit Card For BlessedAdsIncome

You first need to have CashApp Account by getting the App on your Phone. Having account on CashApp is free.


Next Thing To Do Is,

         Link Your Credit / Debit Card to the CashApp Account.

       CashApp supports debit and credit cards from Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

         Fund the CashApp Account with the Debit or Credit Card.


After This,

             Exchange the Fund to Bitcoin on CashApp.

             CashApp support the exchanging of fund to Bitcoin on their App. You don’t need to have Bitcoin Account for this.

             Your CashApp Account is all that is needed to exchange to Bitcoin and also keep the Bitcoin.

             CashApp does not charge any money for buying and selling bitcoin.

             You don’t need Account with Coinbase or Blockchain.


Next :

        Log Into Your BlessedAdsIncome Account Here –


Choose Your Preferred Membership Level Here –



          Choose ” Bitcoin “ as Preferred Payment Method For Membership Approval.



You will be shown exact amount of Bitcoin to pay and Bitcoin Account to send the Payment to.

         Send the Bitcoin from Your CashApp to the Bitcoin Account.


After This,

       Don’t fill the ” Payment Proof Submission Form ” Since You Are Not Paying Directly From A Bitcoin Account.



       Go To Our Support Page Here –



Fill The Contact Us Form And Send Message To Let Us Know You Made Payment Through CashApp.


State : 

                               Amount Paid

                               Payment Through CashApp

                               Membership Level Paid For.


The Payment will be verified and Your Membership Level will be Approved. You will be set up to start receiving the Downlines that will get you paid Multiple Commissions.



      If more details are needed from you to confirm Your Payment, we will let you know about it.



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