How It Works

BlessedBizAds is a Platform where you will get Your business advertised and downlines, customers will be attracted to Your Business or Income Opportunity.

        All You have to do is request to become an approved member and then submit the business you want to advertise and need downlines or customers for.

      We will study the business, compose a good advert message for it, get a good advert image or photo for it and post it in our Business Directory Page.

Once it is posted in the Business Directory, we will start attracting Visitors directly to it.


Your Advert Will Never Expire.

It Will Be In our Business Directory And Display To Visitors Everyday For Life.

A Good Advertising Message that will be sent out will be composed for the Business.


The Message will go directly into Inbox of Thousands of People ( Especially Opportunity Seekers who had signed up on Advertising sites like Safelist / Mailers to receive Income Opportunity Updates )


Visitors will be people who will see the business advert in their email and then click the message to check the Link in the message.

       The Business Advert Message Headline Will Attract Them to the Business Post / Advert in Our Business Directory

       The Advert Message / Post In Our Business Directory Will Convince Them To Join Your Business.


Once Your Business is Posted in Our Business Directory Page, We Will Be Attracting Directly To It :

10,000 Visitors

20,000 Visitors

50,000 Visitors

100,000 Visitors

200,000 Visitors

300,000 Visitors

700,0000 Visitors

1,500,000 Visitors.


Visitors are people who will see the business message in their email and click on the Link Attached to get Full Details in Our Business Directory.

From the visitors we will get for Your Business, thousands of downlines / customers will be generated for Your Business

We do have a guarantee for Downlines within 60 Days.

        This means, we make sure you get downlines for Your Business within 60 Days.


       To Enjoy All Of This :

                 You Need To Become An Approved Member On BlessedBizAds.

                 We have different Membership levels. The one you choose will determine :

The Number Of Visitors You Will Get From Us

The Number Of Downlines That Will Be Recruited For Your Business Within 60 Days

This is guaranteed.


       Here Is The Benefits For Ultimate Memebership :

                          Visitors ————- 1,500,000

                          Personal Business Directory Website

                          Personal Blogsite

                          Personal Membership Website ( With Paid Members – 2,500 )

                          Will Be Set Up For Your Online Businesses

                          All Three Websites Fully Set Up Within Seven Days

                          Hosted For You For Free

Email Marketing Evolved!

                          No Monthly Or Yearly Hosting Renewal Fee

                          Business Post All Set Up For You

                          Daily Visitors / Traffic STATS Email Report

       2,500 ( Two Thousand And Five Hundred ) Paid Members For Membership Website Within 60 Days

       Full Support Without Limit For The Membership Website And Other Two From Us.

       $10,000 Worth Commission Downlines Will Be Recruited For Your Business Within 60 Days ( Two Months )

You Will Receive Full Support Any Time You Need Support For The Three Websites ( Business Directory / Blog / Membership Website ).



               As an Approved member of BlessedBizAds

               You can submit Your Business Banners and will be displayed to Our Visitors for Life

               The banners will never expire and will never be removed.


       They Will Receive :

Unlimited Impressions

Unlimited Clicks

Unlimited Visitors Through Them To Your Business.


       Banners You Can Submit Are :

125 X 125 Banners

468 X 60 Banners

250 X 250 Banners

300 X 250 Banners

728 X 90 Banners

120 X 600 Banners

160 X 600 Banners.


BlessedBizAds was set up to help people improve their businesses fast. This is the solution for those that are finding it difficult to get downlines / customers for their businesses.

         All You Need Is An Approved Membership And You Will Start Getting Thousands Of Visitors Who Will Be Turned To Thousands Of Downlines / Customers For Your Business.


       If You are ready to Choose a Membership Level and Get Approved

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We Welcome You To BlessedBizAds

          We Are Ready To Help Improve ( Grow ) Your Business Fast And Increase Your Income Online.


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