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Do This & Get 1,000 Downlines For Your Biz From Us Within 60 Days


Let Us Help You :


    Improve Your Business


    Make More Money From Your Business



By Setting You Up :


    To Be Receiving Thousands Of Visitors To Your Business Everyday


    To Be Receiving Visits From People Who Are Interested In Your Business


    To Be Having People / Visitors Automatically Convinced To Join Your Business


    To Be Having Thousands Of People / Visitors Signed Up For Your Business Every Month


    To Have Downlines That Will Get You Paid - $10,000 As Commission From Your Business Within 60 Days


    To Easily Get People / Downlines Attracted To All Your Online Businesses And The Ones You Will Still Join


    To Be Having More Money Automatically Generated For You Online Which Will Boost Your Online Income



Using :


    A Personal Wordpress Blog


    A Personal Business Directory Website


    A Personal Multi-Membership Website.



Here Is Why We Need To Set Up A Personal Blogsite Or Website

For Your Business And How It Will Help Improve The Business Fast


Request For Your Personal Website For Free At The Bottom Of This Page


But Try To First Read And Understand Why You Need Your Own Blog / Website


 → With a blog, you will be able to advertise all your business in one place by posting All Your Business on the Blog.


 This will help you avoid advertising two or more businesses, links, websites ( especially on Social Media sites, forums, safelist, traffics exchange sites ).


You can have all the business on your blog and then advertise only the blog link which will drive traffics, Visitors to the businesses on the Blog.


 This will make advertising a lot easier and less costly for you. It will also make earning money online a lot easier for you because all you will have to do is, post whatever business you will be joining on the blog. The Traffic, Visits, Clicks the blog is getting will give you the Sign Ups, Customers you need for the businesses you post on it.



We Will :


  Set Up The Blog For You For Free


  Set Up The Contents ( Your Business Advert Message ) For Free


  Be Driving / Attracting Thousands Of Visitors To The Blog / Website For Free.


( Check Bottom Of This Page For More Details )



 → You will have visitors who will join Two or More of your Businesses at once.


 → Close to 8 ( Eight ) Billion searches are occurring everyday. Millions out of these searches are on Business or Money Making Opportunities. Millions of People are going over to Google and Other Search Engines Everyday to get more details about Income Opportunities.


Hundreds if not thousands relates to Your Business ( other members of your business are advertising it and most of those that sees the adverts are going to Google and other search engines to get more details, reviews on it - this is what most people that sees business adverts are doing. They first go to Google to get more details,read reviews about it ).


Are you one of the Options the Search Engines are showing to them ?


Do You have a presence online The Search Engines can refer Searchers to ?




If You have Your Own Personal Blog / Website, You will be able to have some of these millions of people searching for information on Google and other Search Engines referred to your blog ( whenever they search for information that relates to your business ) every day for free.




   This is Unlimited leads / Visitors / Traffic / Hits Everyday for free from Search Engines.


Your Blog / Website will take your business beyond the local boundaries to the potential customers worldwide. Simply put, the website will make your business visible across the world. Making your Offerings / Opportunities available worldwide and expand your business and revenue as well.


 → Will help you show proves to people that your business is real and working. It will add credibility which in turn drives more sales.


Having a business website / blogsite makes your business more credible than online directories and social media pages. According to one survey, 84% customers considered company’s website more credible than social media pages or online submission.


 → A blog / website will allow you to have People, Fans, Ardent Readers from all over the world who will love the Blog Contents ( especially those that are looking for Income or Business Opportunities ) and will always come back to get more details from the blog. This means, you will have people who are on ground / ready to join your future businesses. The blog will make it a lot easier to attract people ( Your Blog Visitors ) to future business you join. What you need to do is post the business on the blog.


 → A blog will allow you to help your downlines / referrals to fully understand your business. You will be able to explain it in your own word.


( We Will Do The Explanation For You For Free - Check Bottom Of This Page For More Details )


 → The Blog will save you the time you are using to chat, email to convince people to join your business or become your customers. The Blog Contents will automatically convince visitors to join your business. You won't need to chat with people or message them to convince them. What is posted on the Blog will do the convincing automatically for you.


You will be able to refer anyone that request for details about your business to it. All you have to do is give them Your Blog Link.


Your writing / content will help show your overall strategy for your online business. If people trust your approach to business, they will be much more likely to join any future programs that you recommend.


Just like any other business, people want to follow the leaders of their industry and a blog helps you establish your authority as a seasoned marketer.


 → They will be able to reach you for support whenever they need it. This will give you an edge over those in the same business who are without a presence or cannot be easily located online.


 → Your Downlines / Referrals will be able to refer people they are trying to convince to the blog which will get them automatically convinced and refer their own people as well.


 → Your Blog / Website will allow you to monitor Your Adverts. It is important to monitor Your Adverts. You need to know What is Working and What is Not.


You Need To Know :


  Number Of Visitors Going To Your Website


  Where They Are Coming From


  Where They Visit On Your Website


  Number Of Unique Visitors Or Those Who Visit Your Website Only Once


  Number of Page Views Or Impressions You Are Getting Which Tells How Many Times a Page Has Been Read Or Visited. This Will Give You An Idea On Which Type Of Content Visitors Find Interesting.


  Your Blog will give you all these details for free. You don't need to use any Url Shortener to get these details.


  Your Blog / Website Will Also Show You :


  The Amount of Bounce Rate ( Which Is The Percentage Of Visitors Who Leave Your Website Without Exploring Past The Page They Landed On ) You Are Getting


  The Average Time On Site ( Which Will Show How Long Visitors View Your Content ).


  The Longer The Average Time On Site, The Better For Your Website.


  If you are monitoring Your Adverts, you will be able to know what needs to be changed in order to get the best expected result.


  You will know the advert message to stop using and the one to continue using so that you won't be wasting your time and money.


 → Your Personal Blog or Website offers you a Free Way to build Your Own Personal List / Subscribers and updates them.


A lot of your blog visitors will subscribe for your updates, business opportunity alerts etc. You won't need to be paying high fee or monthly to use eMail Marketing Sites or Providers. You will be able to update them directly from Your Blog / Website.


 → Free Adverts from Visitors – If you have a blog, you won’t be the only one advertising your business. Your blog visitors will be helping you expose your business to more people for free by sharing your blog post on Social Media Sites.


This is free Advertising which will boost your business fast. Some of them will also inform and refer their family, friends to your blog.


 → It will give you the opportunity to make more money by allowing advertisers to place adverts on the blog.


 As You Are Getting People To Your Blog, You Are Getting :


  i. Customers / Sign Ups for Your Business


  ii. Traffic / Hits which you can turn to extra income by giving advertisers space on your blog.


As your blog is getting known, visited by more people, advertisers will be begging to pay you and advertise on the blog.


This is how Top Bloggers and Website Owners are making Billions of Dollars Online. Most Google and Facebook Billions of Dollars Income are from Adverts placed or purchased by Advertisers on their Platform / Website.


You won’t get these opportunities / benefits if you don’t have Your Own Personal Blog.


It is important you consider a blog for your business today especially if you love to improve it fast.


We Are Giving You The Opportunity To Get Your Own Personal Blog / Website For Free ( All Set Up Within 72 Hours )




Approved Membership On BlessedBizAds Automatically Get You Qualified To Receive These As Bonus To Help You Improve Your Business Fast :


  Your Own Personal Wordpress Blog




  Your Own Personal Classified Ad Site


  Your Own Personal Membership Website




  All Set Up For Your Online Businesses


  All Fully Set Up Within 72 Hours



  Hosted For You For Free


Free Hosting


  No Hosting Renewal Fee


  Business Post All Set Up For You


  500,000 Visitors




We Will Attract To Your Website / Business




Visitors Will Be People Who Received Your Business Adverts In Their Email And Loves To Get More Details.


They Be Will People Who Had Indicated Interest In Getting Updates On Business / Income Opportunities From :


Top 80 ( Eighty ) Safelists


Top 80 ( Eighty ) Viral Mailers


Which Are : 


1. ProfitLion


2. FreeAdvertisingForYou


3. ViralCommission


4. ViraTacolTraffic


5. ListJumper


6. LeasedAdSpace


7. ZombieMails


8. PiFExplosion


9. UltimateAdvertisingMachine


10. MailYourOffers


11. TrafficClassic


12. ViralNugget


13. GuaranteedMails


14. GuaranteedSolomails


15. Adchiever


16. ListMailerPro


17. ListAvail


18. ListProsper


19. MailOurList


20. Mailsy


21. Target-Safelist


22. RodeoMailer


23. ListUnlocked


24. ListAdventure


25. ActiveSafelist


26. ViralAdstore


27. RedstagMailer


28. BakeryMailer


29. Mailerito


30. TrafficLeads2IncomeVM


31. ListMoola


32. JustGoodTraffic


33. SocialSurf4u


34. Whitelist-Email-Marketing


35. BuildMyDownlines


36. ClassicSoloMailer


37. AdexChangePro


38. FreeSafelistMailer


39. GenieMailer


40. MailThisList


41. RealTimeScriptStore


42. TezzerMail


43. TheListAuction


44. TheEvolutionMailer


45. TrendMails


46. ViralLinksPro


47. ViralHosts


48. TrafficBonus


49. ListBonus


50. ListCompass


51. WebMasterQuest


52. Rewards4Surfing


53. GlobalSafelist


54. Listimpact


55. YourEzList


56. DailyTalkAdz


57. ViralMailProfits


58. YouCanReachEveryone


59. InfinityMailerBoost


60. QuantumSafelist


61. Yibbida


62. SafelistExtreme


63. LandMarketingMailer


64. Marketer-Safelist


65. MisterSafelist


66. NorthernMailer


67. ProactiveMailer


68. TheViralMailz


69. ListMillion


70. Blaster.Guru


71. ResponsiveMailMarketing


72. ConvertMyAds


73. FastListMailer


74. Email-Hog


75. HarmonyMails


76. AdvertisingForSuccess


77. EuropeanSafelist


78. State-Of-The-Art-Mailer


79. Ads-Messenger


80. Herculist


  Daily Visitors STATS Email Report


  At Least 2,000 Subscriber For Your Blog You Can Always Send Business Opportunities Directly To Their Inbox


  2,000 Paid Members For Your Membership Website Within 60 Days


  Full Support For The Websites Without Limit From BlessedBizAds Officials.



Request For Your Personal Website For Free :




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