Do You Have A Genuine Business / Income Opportunity That Requires You To Get :


More Sign Ups


More Downlines


More Referrals


More Customers


In Order For You To Get Paid More Money ?



 Submit Request To Have The Business Added As Part Of Approved ( Upgraded ) Members Of BlessedAdsIncome Membership Benefits

 Your Inviting Link Will Be Used To Register The Approved ( Upgraded ) Members Into Your Business And This Will Place Them As Your Downlines.


 BlessedAdsIncome :

               Is a Membership Platform with different Membership Levels. Members need to choose their preferred membership level and what they choose will determine the benefits they will be set up for, to get.


Some Of The Benefits Are :


20 Upgraded Downlines


45 Upgraded Downlines


140 Upgraded Downlines


250 Upgraded Downlines


600 Upgraded Downlines


1,500 Upgraded Downlines From Admin



 Unlimited Multiple Commission Daily :




















 A Share ( Up To 33% ) Of $100,000 Revenue From :


BlessedAdsIncome Platform


BlessedAdsnCash Platform


BlessedMailer Platform.


 Special Earnings From All Three Platform’s PTC Program :










Per Ads Clicked.


 Free Entries Into BlessedAdsnCash’s :



4 X 1 Team Forced Matrix


2 X 10 Team Forced Matrix


2 X 2 Team Forced Matrix


3 X 1 Company Forced Matrix.





  1,000,000 ( One Million ) Visitors To Member’s Business Or Website From PTC Program

  100,000 ( One Hundred Thousand ) Login Ads Credits

  10,000,000 ( Ten Million ) Banners Ads Credits

  10,000,000 ( Ten Million ) Text Ads Credits

  Personal Business Website / Blogsite etc.


  → The Members that are Upgraded and Approved will be entered into Your Business and they will be helped qualified for the benefits from Your Business



  → This will be Additional Benefits for them for their Upgraded / Approved Membership.

  → Advertising Will Be Done For Them Everyday

  → Downlines / Sign Ups Will Be Generated For Them

  → They Will Be Helped Qualified For All Benefits From The Business.




More Sign Ups Will Be Generated For Your Business And All Those We Entered Into It :


 i. By Sending Advert Message About It As Update To All Registered Members Of BlessedAdsIncome

( This will be going out to members everyday. It will generate more sign ups because members are people interested in making money and opened to more income opportunities. They will love Our readiness to help them build the business with required downlines / sign ups. If your business accepts Credit Card or Paypal Payments, it will be a big bonus because most members prefer these method of payments )

 ii. By Advertising The Business On These 102 ( One Hundred And Two ) Top Safelist / Mailers / Advertising Sites :

  Adverts about Your Business will be sent to emails of all their members everyday using their Solo / Mailing Feature. This will generate lot of Viewers / Clickers / Sign Ups.

 iii. By Placing Banners About Your Business On All The Above Safelist / Mailers And Other Advertising Sites That Will Be Used ( Including BlessedAdsIncome / BlessedAdsnCash / BlessedMailer )

 iV. By Placing Text Adverts About Your Business On All Above Safelist / Mailers And Other Advertising Sites That Will Be Used

 V. By Getting People To Visit The Business Website ( 100,000 Times ) And Get Paid For It Through The PTC Program On BlessedAdsIncome / BlessedAdsnCash / BlessedMailer

 V. By Sending The Business To Members Of BlessedMailer Through It’s Solo Advertising Service. This Will Be Going Out To Members Everyday With Special Bonus For Viewers / Clickers.


  All Of These Will Surely Get You Lot Of Sign Ups For Your Business.


If You Are Interested In Getting These Done For You

You Need To Request Approval To Be Set Up.




The Approval Will Depend On :

  Entry Fee For Your Business ( The Higher The Fee – The Better )

  Number Of Downlines / Sign Ups Needed ( The More Downlines Needed – The Better )



  If You Are Approved – We Will Start Entering Our Upgraded Members To Your Business Starting Today And Work On Getting More Sign Ups Using All Stated Advertising Platforms.



 Fill And Submit The Form Below To Submit Request For Approval To Be Set Up For This Service. We Will Get You Registered On BlessdAdsIncome Where You Will Get The Approval Needed To Be Set Up.


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