BlessedBizAds is a Platform where you will get Your business advertised and downlines, customers will be attracted to Your Business or Income Opportunity.

All You have to do is request to become an approved member and then submit the business you want to advertise and need downlines or customers for.

  • Number Of Direct Visitors For Your Business – 1,500,000
  • Personal Business Directory Website
  • Personal Blogsite For Your Business
  • Personal Membership Website
  • Will Be Set Up For Your Business
  • Within Seven ( 7 ) Days.
  • All Three Websites
  • Will Be
  • Hosted For You For Free
  • No Monthly Hosting Renewal Fee
  • Business Post All Set Up For You
  • Daily Visitors STATS Email Report
  • 2500 ( Two Thousand & Five Hundred )
  • Paid Members
  • For Your
  • Membership Website Within 60 Days
  • Atleast $10,000 Worth Commission
  • Downlines Will Be Generated
  • For Your Business Within 60 Days.
  • You Can Submit
  • Unlimited Banners.
  • You Will Receive :
  • Unlimited Banner Impressions
  • Unlimited Banner Clicks / Visits
  • Your Adverts Will Never Expire.
  • Full Support For All Your Websites.
  • You Can Make Money
  • Without Limit For Free.

Anyone that is 18 years old and above.

No. Your Adverts will never expire on BlessedBizAds. We will continue to display them to people online.

We will first direct the number of visitors Your Membership Level Qualifies for, to it.

       These means, the Visitors will be shown your Adverts as first page they will see when they visit BlessedBizAds.

When the number of Direct Visitors is completed, your Adverts will still remain on BlessedBizAds. It will never be removed and will continue to get viewed by those that visits BlessedBizAds.

Go to Registration Page – Here and register. You will be logged in after the registration. No verification or activation is needed.

Yes but Instead of having multiple accounts, you can choose Multiple Membership Levels.

Yes, you can earn money as an Approved Member. You will have an Affiliate Link and share it online.

You will receive unlimited commissions for inviting people that get their Membership Approved.

The Commission is based on the Membership Level new members you invites get approved for.

The Commissions You Can Receive Are : 






Email Marketing Evolved!




You can receive them unlimited times everyday. There is no limit.

There is no minimum commission. You will get the commission paid to you automatically and directly to the Payment Account in your Profile.

You must make sure you have the correct Payment Account details in there.

Yes. Your details are safe on this Platform.

We follow strict privacy policies. No information about you is distributed to third parties.

Yes, we do offer refund. You can ask for refund if you are no longer interested in having Our Team advertise and help you improve your business.

But, you can only ask for the refund if we haven’t started getting downlines / customers for Your Business. You also need to allow Fourteen Days for us to process the request.

You will bear the Transaction Fee. This will be deducted from the Refunded Money

The Moment you are refunded, your account will be cancelled and deleted.

We, at BlessedBizAds are trying our best to serve you and everyone, make everyone happy here. We make sure, you won’t need to request for Refund. But if you do, the above Refund Policy applies.

Check Here For Our Refund Policy – TERMS

If you did not find the answer to your question, please contact Customer Support – Here.

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